The Swedish Video

Video & audio single channel, duration 12 min, by The Tiger and the Polar bear, a group of artists formed in 2001 consisting of myself and artists Bjargey Ólafsdottir, Ragnar Kjartansson and Unnar Orn. The group made a series of installations, the first one Ace of Spade in Gallery Slunkaríki in Ísafjörd, Iceland, the second one The Bebop Kid in Reykjavik and the third and last one The Swedish Show in Gallery 21 in Malmö, Sweden. The Swedish Video was made for this show, in honour of Ingmar Bergman.

The video, a black and white, Bergman-ish drama was made for the Swedish show as a part of a larger installation in Gallery 21 in Malmö, Sweden.

(video stills below, more images to come)


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