The Adorer and the Adored 

a multiple of sculptures in the form of two heads with chain coming out of their eye linking them variously, to  a wall or each other etc. The Adorer was part of the exhibition in Glazen Huis, in amsterdam and was also shown at the CCA in Glasgow, Scotland as part of the group show Noonday Demons, The Adorers were first on display in Klink & Bank project space in February 2004. (plaster / glue / lack / string / chain)

"...The grotesque Boschian sado-masochism continues with Gunnhildur Hauksdottir’s glossy, black, squashed skulls, chained together through their gaping eye sockets. Some are adorned in jewels and others in cruel spikes. Each pairing suggests a hierarchy, an adorer and an adored, a power game which ties all concerned in knots. You have to watch for those suspended chains, too, or you’ll get tangled up yourself..."
(Catrìona Black, Sunday Herald 31.10.04)

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