Multimedia installation, sculpture, multichannel audio & video in The Context Gallery in Derry, Ireland.
Stars is part of an ongoing collaboration with author Kristín Ómarsdóttir. At the heart of the work is a collection of texts, monolouges and short plays. We create settings for realizing the texts with actors, we advertise in local newspapers for amateur performers as we believe in the stardom of everyday life and every single human beeing.

We then record video-episodes in the installation that constantly grows in the process. We build the settings inside the exhibition space each time on location. The settings take forms of stages, a round gallows on wheels, a garden bench, stretchers, swings, trees, etc. We collect objects and costumes and different things that correspond with the texts as well. All this takes form of the final installation and the videos are then spread around the installation on monitors and a projection, the soundtrack can be heard from a cone by the rocking chair as well as with the main projection.

We have collected over 50 videos, 19 of which were filmed in the Context Gallery in 2011. In the exhibition Stars and during the process of making it, we additionally had a photographer working with us, Sveinbjörg Bjarnadóttir, she made black and white head shots of all the actors in costumes, head-shots that were were then printed in large quantities as posters, with autographs from all involved, they were then handed out to guests.

A publication revolving around this work is available since 2014 Audition, Gjöf mín, yðar hátign, Stars

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