Rockabilly Gal

Installation, audio sculpture, video, performance. As part of Invasion at Berline Liste with Kling & Bang, Berlin Germany.
A sculpture in the form of a clown´s head with speakers for a mouth, sounding the Roy Orbison song Rockabilly Gal. The head is mountet on a wall and a in a video projected on the sculpture is a woman with her face painted as to imitate the sculpture dancing to the tune of Rockabilly Gal (Roy Orbison)
(installation view and video stills below)

As part of the Invasion at Berline Liste that year there were performances in various location in Berlin. Rockabilly Gal performed in Munz Salon, were a woman with a grotesque painted clown face danced in front of a video of her self dancing with a sculpture of a clowns head.

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