My gift, your Excellency

Multimedia installation Sculpture, multi channel video & audio

My gift, your Excellency is a part of an ongoing collaboration with writer Kristín Ómarsdóttir.
At the heart of the work are monologues and short plays written from 2007 and onwards. We facilitate settings for realizing the texts with actors and props and everything we can find, this can include glass eyes, trees, a horse, a park bench, stretchers from hospitals, a roccing chair, a knight´s sword and so on. We advertise in local papers and look for amateur performers as we believe in the stardom of everyday life.
We record video-episodes in the installation that constantly grows in the process and we build the settings inside the exhibition space each time on location. In this case ASI art museum in Reykjavík. The settings take forms of stages, in this case an harbor, a podium on wheels and a swing. We collect objects and costumes and different things that correspond with the texts as well. The videos are spread around the installation on monitors and a projection, the sound comes from a pile of barrels on the floor. To date we have collected a myriad of videos, 14 of which were filmed in ASI in 2011.

A publication revolving around this work is available since 2014 Audition, Gjöf mín, yðar hátign, Stars

Installation view / video stills below, please note the images are under construction

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