A performance in three parts, Three-channel video installation displaying among other videos; Mirrorriff & Shedrone, playing simultaneously on three screens at the back of the stage, audio by composer Jóhann Eiríksson
The performance was made as part of the Donau Festival in Kunsthalle Krems, in Krems, Austria. Jóhann Eiríksson and myself were at the back of the stage, Eiríkson doing audio improvisations and I was reading texts and reciting lists of made up words from artist Bjarni Þórarinsson (from his drawing Vísirósir). During the reading two women sat at the front of the stage with a bottle of vodka pouring it on the table in front of them and lighting it on fire, whilst drinking it and playing with the blue flame and in general looking intolerably beautiful. Alas NO images from the front of the stage were made, or if they were they all got lost, the images below are taken from behind the stage and those are the only documentation of the performance.
Performers Giulietta Van Damnée & Su Sanna


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