Five Drawings 

Audio installation, wood and metal sculpture and performance
Please find part of the audio here (new window will open in soundcloud)

Five Drawings as on display in Ars Communis Residency Centre YO-YO - installation detail

Five Drawings combines sculpture, audio, performance and drawing. The substance of the work stems from five simple drawings, used as score and vocalized for a sculpture that later in the process becomes a speaker. The drawings themselves are so far removed from the work, they form the base for it but will be present in a publication accompanying the work next year. 

The first version of the work was on display in Nida Art Colony in five headphones, showed in its purest form, one drawing, one vocalist in each headphone, clear and simple.
Drawing #1 Gabriele Urbonaite, duration 1.15 min
Drawing #2 Jone Urnieziute, duration 1.34 min
Drawing #3 Monta Norkuse, duration 1.13 min
Drawing #4 Grieta Artjuhova, duration 1.16 min
Drawing #5 Laurita Oleinikova, duration 1.53 min

The second version of Five Drawings was on display in Ars Communis Residency Centre YO-YO included the sculpture and five speakers, one in each corner of the space, and one inside the sculpture, who stood on a tripod in the middle of the space. A composition made from the recordings in Nida, now “piling the drawings on top of each other”, creating a layered soundtrack mixing the voices of the girls with their own harmonies and cords. The composition sounded four times pr. hour from two of the speakers, the rest of the time, cords in varied harmonies sounded in the space depending on the movement of the viewer and proximity to each speaker. Vocalists in installation were Grieta Artjuhova, Monta Norkuse, Laurita Oleinikova, Gabrielė Urbonaitė and Jonė Urniežiūtė

The work is part of Climbing Invisible Structures - Ritualized Disciplinary Practices in Social Life, a project initiated by Nida Art Colony and Vilinius Academy of Art in Lithuania, curated by Eglė Mikalajūnė and Samir M’kadmi. Five Drawings has so far been on display in two versions in Lithuania this year, first in the newly opened gallery of the Nida Art Colony and then in Ars Communis Residency Centre YO-YO in Zeimiai, Lithuania. Next year the work will take on its third form in Åkerhus Kunsnersenter í Lillestrøm, Oslo.

Five jazz performance students from Academy of Arts of Klaipėda University in Lithuania perform a vocal narrative based on a drawing. They each received a drawing, and during a workshop late 2015, they trained to see the drawing as a score and “read” it, learned it by heart, and “sang” for a sculpture that functioned as a binaural microphone. In the recording sessions, the space around the sculpture was defined according to the drawing, and the singers moved around it, vocalizing the lines in relation to the sculpture. Much of the actual composition took place in the recordings themselves.  

Gabriele reading a drawing during the reccording sessions in Nida

For the opening in YOYO art center three girls performed the five drawings on the steps of the mansion house. The structure of the performance was twofold. One by one each girl stepped forward and voiced one drawing while the other two vocalized cords behind her to begin with, then they all stepped forward and each girl vocalized the row of the drawings in a canon song that slowly escalated in rhythm and volume until it reached a loud and seemingly chaotic non-melody and then all at once it stopped abruptly. 

Vocalists in the performance were Monta Norkuse, Roberta Linkutė and Agnija Dreimane


Photos: Andrej Vasilenko

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