Erklärung / Declaration
Audio installation and perfromance 
Wood, magnet, metal, silicon
Genelec monitors
Audio (soundcloud link will open in new window)

At the heart of the audio installation is a simple composition created out of recording sessions I made in Balzer, Lichtenstein, for the exhibition Wo das Grass Grüner ist, in Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, curated by Kunstverein Schichtwechsel.  Six women aged 55-95 read and improvised based on a poem by Icelandic Author Kristín Ómarsdóttir. They declare fictional statements directly from the poem and inspired by it such as I am not old, I don´t fear death, I am not pregnant, I am not sleeping, I do not fear for my unborn children, I am not obedient, I have not been abused, Im not unhappy etc

They read in a few sessions, some 30 statements, varying in their location and its relationship with the microphone. From the readings I composed an audio piece using the sculpture of a human head as a microphone playing with the method of binaural recording. The audio structure is based on the churchbells in a neighbouring church in Balzer. The installation consists of the audio; two speakers, a chair and the sculpture.

On the opening event of the exhibition there was a performance by the same title the six ladies sat in a circle and read in an escalating rhythm and volume, repeating the statements in a growing disharmony  until it reached its peak and stopped, the structure of the reading was based on the church bells in their village of Balzer in Liecthenstein.

Readers: Berthile Brunhart, Hedwig Frick, Silvia Gstöhl, Berthi Ritter, Nelly Stamm, Maria Vogt. 

A temporary improvised choir revolving around the Declaration

Based on the poem Erklärung from Sérstakur dagur – Besonderer Tag
© Kristín Ómarsdóttir, M&M, 2000
Used with the authors permission 

Photos by author unless otherwise stated 

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