Daugthers of Earth
Art in public space 

...Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir has made herself known by different kind of work, with different kind of media and tools. She has made sculptures in neighbors garden in Reykjavik´s Vesturbærinn / the west-end / by dressing the trees in female underpants, so we saw some giants legs rising from the earth, I always saw them as some ballerinas their other half stuck inside of the earth, she has painted a huge exhibition of paintings in the fifties abstract geographic style, with her co-artist in the group, Isbjörninn og tígrisdýrið, the tiger and the polar-bear. In a different group she made a huge show inside of a big shipping gámar, where we found music, and slight shows, performances, videos, a tivoli of rytmetic darkness, there f.ex. she made some still ups of 2 females in all kind of sexual positions. And she has made performances herself and with others. She has a great ability in performing, her sense of time, skills for spontaneity and sense of humor are remarkable. ... -KÓ

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