Tvíeyrna / Binaural
Mixed media
Wood, magnet, metal, silicon
Pencil, coal, and ink on paper
Audio duration 15 min (soundcloud link will open in new window)

Tvíeyrna or Binaural draws its title from a recording method by the same name mimicking the human experience of hearing. The audio piece at the centre of the installation is composed of recordings I made of my own voice while drawing a score. The installation combines sculpture, drawing and audio. Here I experiment with an improvised version of binaural recording technique, engaging the aural senses of the viewer while he/she is surrounded by the drawings that command the audio and visa versa. Each tear of the tape marks the beginning of a vocalisation from a new drawing [in the audio], the circle in the drawing signifies the sculpture and the lines, ink and coal around the circle mark the position of the voice in relationship to the sculpture.

While listening to the vocalization you hear the voice and my movements around from the point of view of the sculpture present. In the audio the viewer can look for the drawing being performed but as the piece intensifies, his/her sense of space becomes increasingly engaged, as the audio creates an illusion of space where there is none, a false sense of space. Sometimes the drawings are as if they are placed up on top of each other in the audio and sometimes the viewer has one drawing and one feeling of space in the left ear and another one in the right, with two different but carefully placed arrangements.

In 2015 I gave a MFA workshop in the Icelandic Academy of the Arts focusing drawing and improvising with visual art and vocalisation, specifically yodelling along with singer and composer Doreen Kutzke. Previously having participaited in her yodeling workshops where a new pasture for methotology opened up for me. I experimented with vocalizing and drawing in real-time in front of an audience in Berlin in 2014, at the time doing field recordings, walking around with a recorder, sensing the surroundings through a headphone where the left ear hears what comes from the right and visa versa. Those walks and experiments led me to the transitory conclusion displayed below in Safnasafnið, The Icelandic Folk and Outsider Art Museum.

Photo credit Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir unless otherwise stated




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