AceArtInc, in Winnipeg, Canada, part of theVision Series (Birna Bjarnadóttir and Hannes Lárusson) 
Sculpture, audio and multi channel video installation in collaboration with author Kristín Ómarsdóttir. 

Audition is the first display and the beginning of a body of work evolving around texts, short plays and monologues that we ask amateur actors to realize by reading in full costume in the set, amongst the sculptures we have built, trinkets and objects we have collected in the process. During the filming the set grows into an installation then displayed for the exhibition. The readings take place in full costumes and the sets are built purposely to bring the texts to live, the sets then turn into an installation wherein the videos are then displayed, along with clothes and objects that accumulate during the shootings, finally the texts are hand written on the walls of the gallery. We believe in the everyday stardom.

A publication revolving around this work is available since 2014 Audition, Gjöf mín, yðar hátign, Stars

Installation view below - Images under construcion

Psychic skeleton of Audition. 

You walk along the streets of Winnipeg City on a sunday afternoon. Your friends are away, nobody has answered your calls, and yet no one has called. If you would see a river you would throw the mobile phone into it. You are totally idle, you lost the book you were reading early in the morning; you are not hungry, or thirsty; but you are in such a lonely state of mind that you would enter a prison to seek human company. And we have not said it yet: You have not met any animals on the streets. All of a sudden you pass an open door. You enter a space – AceArtInc – which has a blue-mare-sea colored walls, ice-white floor, its ceiling is invisible. “Isn´t this a space wherein the will of decision becomes lost,” you contemplate because you don´t know which way to turn. You see two new doors, bigger than the first one. And that is why you let your perception choose or decide – you hear a song sung by a female voice, and you reckon that this song has either been written in ancient times or it remains still uncomposed, waiting for its composition in distant future. You also hear some murmur – so ordinary, normal and everydayish. Of course you choose to follow the song. You pass a well organized desk, with cheap photocopied essays and free city-maps, on your way to a gigantic big saloon. The color of its floor is pink, its walls pearly white, and in spite of its humongous-ity you get the claustrophobic feeling that you find yourself inside of a dictator´s coffin. And then you
want to cry. Because you remember something which words cannot describe. And this song. – This song – where does it come from?
Oh, that we don´t know yet.

- Gunnhildur Hauksdottir and Kristin Omarsdottir

p.s. Something about the audition.

p.p.s. We want to collect all the cats we meet on the streets of Winnipeg, and move them to the gallery, feed them prawns and milk. The floor of the dark saloon will be covered with cats and plates with cat food. On one of the wall we screen our lady, the opera singer, who sings and talks, smokes, contemplates. Something about the inspiring gift of her wisdom.



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