Der Abstand

Mixed media audio, performance and installation, duration 35 minutes. 

Audio made in collaboration with artist Marcellvs L. & an installation inside exhibition Siehe Was Dich Sieht by Franz Graf in the 21er Haus in Vienna Austria.   The performance was built around the idea of Der Abstand or the distances in-between, using sound recordings from the Amazon jungle of Brazil and the east-fjörds of Iceland. From a cold night of out door fireworks to the audio inside a sizzling Sauna. I started the performance by standing next to a tall structure, strapped in a body harness, with a wire stretched to the top of the structure. I leaned forward while a recording of my voice whispered the poetry about the distance between abstract things. When the poetry was over I undid the harness releasing the tension so that it shot up to the top of the structure. I made a series of rituals corresponding with the audio, resulting in me climbing up on top of the structure where I had placed a chair and I sat there with an indigenous instrument from the rainforest and joined in the audio. All through the performance I produced an unnatural amount of dark saliva, which I periodically let fall on paper in the museum space, creating a series of paintings. The dark blue fluid flowing from my mouth was a visual representation of the audio.

A reading of the poem Fünf Zentimeter from Sérstakur dagur – Besonderer Tag
 © Kristín Ómarsdóttir, M&M, 2000 was included in the performance
Used with authors permission 

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